Our Story

Nu3Kidz develops real, healthy, nutritious, delicious and Gluten Free products for kids, which not only will be eaten with joy but will also promote their overall well being. We partner with parents and educators to foster healthy eating from a very young age. We believe that a child that eats healthy is able to perform better academically, socially and spiritually.

Get to Know Giuliana

Giuliana - founder and owner

Giuliana – founder and owner

Giuliana’s dream was to start her own company which focuses on the development of healthy, nutritious and delicious products for kids. She has a background in Chemical Engineering and holds a Masters degree in BioSystems Engineering (majoring in Food Processing Engineering) and her passion is to innovate. After working in many food companies for more than 13 years, Giuliana started Nu3Kidz in September 2013.

Nu3Kidz first line of products is a pancake mix which provides; proteins, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 in each serving. All the ingredients are Organic, and there are no color, flavors or preservatives added to the mix. Giuliana believes strongly that “Kids should not have to give up delicious foods for healthy foods”….. Healthy Foods should be delicious too. ‘We need to start teaching our kids the way to healthy eating from a very young age’.

Meet the Team

Ayesha - Inspiration and design artist

Ayesha – Inspiration and design artist

Ysabel - Inspiration and drawing artist

Ysabel – Inspiration and drawing artist